19/20 Annual Report

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Financial Administration Law

In 2014 Malahat Nation implemented its Financial Administrative Law. The FAL is a set of governance and finance policies that helps Councils and staff make informed decisions. Malahat Nation lives by its FAL and is committed to good governance and financial practices. The policies and procedures set out in the FAL clarify expectations about our administrative responsibilities to Malahat Nation’s employees, members and other related persons;. A finance and Audit Committee has been established to make recommendations to Council on financial and investment decisions to promote positive financial outcomes.

There are four key areas Malahat FAL policies and procedures cover:

  • Governance
  • Information Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Access to the FAL and all 30 policies is available below. (Policies with a strikethrough have been replaced by our new Finance Policy or HR Policy)

Financial Administration Law

SPP-01 Delegated and Assigned Responsibilities Policy

SPP-02 Policies, Procedures and Directions Policy

SPP-03 Reporting of Remuneration and Expenses Policy

SPP-04 Committee Establishment and Disbandment Policy

SPP-05 Finance and Audit Committee Policy

SPP-06 Appointment of First Nations Officers Policy

SPP-07 Organizational Chart Policy

SPP-08 Human Resources Records Management Policy

SPP-09 Hiring Policy

SPP-10 Progressive Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy

SPP-11 Employee Evaluation and Planning Policy

SPP-12 Code of Conduct

SPP-13 Annual Budget and Planning Policy

SPP-14 Financial Institution Account and Cash Management Policy

SPP-15 Expenditure Policy

SPP-16 Long-Term Debt Policy

SPP-17 Procurement Policy

SPP-18 Risk Management Policy

SPP-19 Loans Receivable, Gaurantees and Indemnities Policy

SPP-20 Investment Policy

SPP-21 Insurance Policy

SPP-22 Emergencies Policy

SPP-23 Financial and Operational Reporting Policy

SPP-24 Information Technology Policy

SPP-25 External Audit Policy

SPP-26 Records Management Policy

SPP-27 Tangible Capital Assets Policy

SPP-28 Financial Management System Improvement Policy

SPP-29 Reporting of Breaches and Financial Irregularities Policy

SPP-30 Information Privacy Policy