Intro to Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements are here for your protection!

The purpose of a Rental Agreement is to define the rights of the Tenant, and the responsibilities of Malahat Nation to maintain an enjoyable and safe environment. The importance of paying Rent helps ensure that future repairs and maintenance are completed for the upkeep of each Rental Unit, as well as the safety and well being of those living in the Rental Unit.

 An in-person meeting will be set before entering a Rental Agreement for the Tenant to ask any questions, and for the Housing Department to explain further details of the Rental Agreement and the Housing Policy. Each Rental Agreement describes the Tenant’s responsibility for Rental payments, regular Rental Unit maintenance, utility payments, and any services provided to the Rental Unit by Malahat Nation, (Ex. Garbage pickup, snow removal.)

Rental Agreements are signed by Chief Administrative Officer, or the Housing Manger if authority is given. All Tenants must sign a Rental Agreement; the Housing Department will keep original Rental Agreements and provide copies to Tenants.

 If the Tenant is receiving income/social assistance, the Rental Agreement must be provided copies of the Band Social Development Worker (BSDW) in the Community Programs Department by the Tenant to ensure eligibility for Shelter Allowance payments; If approved by the BSDW, this must be communicated with the Housing Department.

Rental Agreements will be reviewed and renewed each year by April 1st, if a Rental Agreement is not renewed, the Rental Agreement will remain in effect as a month to month tenancy on the same terms; which may be terminated by the Landlord or the Tenant at anytime by providing a 30-day written notice.

Tenants and/or the Housing Department will update Rental Agreements when needed to reflect any policy updates, or changes to the list of occupants, Tenant contact information or Rent rates.

Please comment below if you have any questions!

Malahat Ghost Gear Program

Malahat Nation is pleased to announce our part in the DFO Ghost Gear program. “Ghost” fishing gear refers to abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing debris – a leading cause of harmful impacts on fish stocks and marine mammals around the world. Over the next 3 years, Malahat will use an ROV to map ghost gear accumulation and remove ghost fishing debris from the Salish Sea, improving ocean health for all who rely on its valuable resources.

Example of an underwater ROV that can be used to hunt ghost gear and other pollutants.

Please stay tuned for more updates regarding this exiting program!

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