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Malahat Administration Office

110 Thunder Road, Mill Bay, BC


Malahat Health

1121 Jesken Road, Mill Bay, BC


Mental Health Clinician

Angela Hammell

Family Wellness Worker

Angela Potskin

Community Health Representative

Audrey Harry

Admin Clerk

Brittany Sylvester


Cassandra Daniels

Community Nurse

Cindy Smith

Community Advisory Body

Contractors and Crew


Crystal Harry

Technology and Communications Coordinator

Dan Pasmans


Operations and Maintenance

Donnie Harry

Lands Planning Coordinator

Doug Dame

Junior Fisheries Technician

Dwayne Goldsmith

Medical Receptionist

Elizabeth Thorne


Membership Clerk

Emalanda Jim

Finance and Audit Committee

Director of Health

Glenda Gibbon

Health and Safety Committee

Lands Manager

Heather Adams

Home Support Worker

Janit Harry

Cultural Advisor/Outreach Worker

Jennifer Daniels

Manager of Early Learning

Jessica Stevens

Chief Administrative Officer

Josh Handysides

Finance Clerk

Judith St. Denis

Operations and Maintenance

Lambert Harry

Finance Manager

Lauren Krull

Community Wellness Worker

Linda Graitson

Malahat Chief and Council

Director of Governance

Nick Hayer

Executive Director of Community Programs

Paula Schwartz

Home Support Worker

Sandy Joe

Executive Director of Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Shannon Ralfs

Manager of Social Programs

Shawna Karr

Early Childhood Educator

Taryn Johnson

Finance Clerk

Theresa Drouillard

Executive Director of Environment and Sustainable Development

Tristan Gale