Malahat Lands

The Lands Department is responsible for the long term planning and management of Malahat Nation Lands, Treaty, and Resources.

Framework Agreement

The Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management is an initiative by 14 First Nations to take over the governance and management control of their lands and resources. This First Nation designed and driven Framework Agreement with Canada has expanded from the original 14 First Nation signatories to 128 First Nation Signatories in 2016.

Download Link - Executive Summary of Framework Agreement

Land Code

In accordance with the Framework Agreement, The Malahat Nation Land Code allows Malahat Nation to autonomously manage its lands and resources on reserve lands, rather than having them managed on its behalf under the Indian Act.

Download Link - Malahat Nation Land Code

Land Use Plan

The Malahat Nation Land Use Plan, developed under the Land Code, outlines the protection of current land use for Nation Members. It also highlights potential development areas to create economic opportunities.

Download Link - Malahat Nation Land Use Plan


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