Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP)

The Malahat Nation updated its Comprehensive Community Plan in 2021 with the goal of making it an overarching plan that guides all of our planning and decision-making for the decades to come.

The Malahat Nation CCP is an overarching plan that guides our journey to self-government. This document takes a holistic look at the Malahat community and examines all aspects that form Malahat’s future. This is a plan driven and owned by all community members. It identifies key values and objectives that guide the Nation’s future planning and decision-making. Associated action ideas are also identified to achieve these objectives successfully.

7 values of Malahat were identified from substantial community input:

  • Community Growth
  • Community Services
  • Community Unity
  • Cultural Continuity
  • Cultural Respect
  • Empowerment and Leadership
  • Government Transparency

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For any questions about Malahat Nation CCP, please contact:

Cliff Feng

Community Planning Coordinator

Phone: (250) 929-1290 Ext. 124