Malahat Skywalk

Malahat Skywalk

Located 35 minutes north of Victoria, near the Malahat Summit, the Malahat Skywalk is an accessible 650m treetop walk through beautiful arbutus forest leading to a spectacular gentle spiral ramp that takes you up 40m to a sightseeing lookout offering views of Finlayson Arm and the distant Coast Mountains. It will provide a stunning new perspective on beautiful southern Vancouver Island.

All of the elements of the Malahat Skywalk are being carefully designed to create an architecturally stunning sightseeing and cultural attraction overlooking Finlayson Arm. The unique setting on the traditional territory of the Malahat Nation offers opportunities for local storytelling, cultural celebration and natural interpretive education.

Project features include:

  • Safe one-way entry and exit off the Malahat Highway
  • Ample parking for both cars and buses
  • Welcome Pavilion for ticket and retail sales, bathrooms, cafĂ© and kids’ playground
  • 650m elevated, and accessible, tree walk with interpretive features incorporated into the experience
  • 40m high lookout with an accessible spiral ramp from bottom to the top
  • Interpretive nature walk will lead guests back from the lookout to the parking area.
  • Picnic area surrounding the natural pond adjacent to the Welcome Pavilion.

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