Marine Stewardship at Malahat Nation

The Environment Department has some exciting updates of their work!

The video below explains how the department is using Salish Sea Initiative funding to connect Malahat members to the marine environment, as well as supporting stewardship which helps Malahat protect the environment.

In December, Samantha Daniels and Dwayne Goldsmith finished their first semester at VIU in the Marine Stewardship Program. The Department also welcomed in a new Program Coordinator, Megan Tomlin, who will be helping coordinate some of the environmental programs. The Ghost Gear Program was announced and we now have a remotely operated vehicle (it’s like a robotic unmanned submarine) to look for lost fishing gear and debris.

The Environment Department is now equipped with a “Lifejacket Library” from Transport Canada, we have 19 lifejackets of different sizes that we can lend out to member who need them on the water. There are now three fully trained, on-water oil spill response personnel in their department.

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