Quiet Vessel Initiative

Loud noises in the ocean can affect underwater animals like whales. The Quiet Vessel Initiative is a Transport Canada program that will help to understand underwater sounds and make noise from boats quieter.

Savannah Goldsmith preparing a hydrophone for some underwater recordings.

Malahat Nation bought two underwater microphones (called hydrophones) last year. The hydrophones can listen to whales and boat noise in Malahat territory. These devices are important for studying the impacts of noise under the sea. The Malahat Environment team was trained how to use the hydrophones by sampling local boat noise. With help from marine science experts, Malahat is choosing 20 different places to record underwater noise in Malahat territory.

Samantha Daniels checking out some underwater noise data at the office.

A final report for the program will decide on the best location to build an underwater hydrophone station in the Malahat territory. Malahat Nation recently applied for funding to build this permanent underwater hydrophone station. It will help to understand the relationship between whales (such as orca) and boat traffic in the area.

Samantha and Savannah testing equipment and recording the ferry noise.
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