VIU Marine Stewardship Training experience

My name is Samantha Daniels and I work with Malahat Nation as a Marine Stewardship Technician.

I wanted to share the knowledge that I gained from school in the Vancouver Island University Marine Stewardship Technician Training Program. This idea we were learning from school and that teachers were learning from all of us students too.

We learned a lot from other Nations technicians that took part. They shared with us in class the things that they deal within their Nation.

 We started last year, and completed our course in March, I really love school what we learnt about was Electrofishing and also Environmental Technician learning; these were my favorite.

There was two of us from the Malahat Nation. I will show some pictures that were my favorite from school.

In the first photo we were digging a spot for the settlement fence and our teacher had us all working at a team.

The second photo shows the settlement fence up and the team we all got to do for this day 

This photo was during fish week when we did minnow trapping and electrofishing.

My take home message is the course is really great and that if you want to be part of the Environment Department team this is a great course to do. Of course do remember to work as a team, the teacher will love that the student asks the work team for help too.

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