Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Plan

The Malahat Nation is excited to update our Comprehensive Community Plan with the goal of making it an overarching plan that guides all of our planning and decision-making for the decades to come.

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP)?

The CCP is a community-driven document that takes a holistic look at our community and provides a roadmap for the community’s future. It focuses on working with the community to develop a common vision for the future based on the expressed values of the members. Once clear vision and values are defined, the community works through broad objectives for the future, with specific strategies for making the objectives a reality.

Our new CCP will include 12 theme areas

Your Participation is Key to Make the CCP Successful

The Malahat Nation CCP is the expression of all Malahat Members in planning and implementing short-term and long-term visions of all aspects of the community, so your contribution will be much appreciated!

A message from the Chief and Council about the CCP

Cliff Feng, our new community planning coordinator, is actively reaching out to our community members to learn your thoughts and ideas through social programs and one-on-one chats with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

Take this survey. Prizes are provided!!!

We created an online survey for you to share your opinions with the Nation.

(The survey is closed. Thanks so much for your participation! We will reach out to you soon in the second round of community consultations.)

Prize draws are provided at each engagement session with the social programs. You will get a $20 gift card for sharing your thoughts through a one-on-one chat. All participants in the engagement sessions, one-on-one chats, and online survey will also enter a draw in the spring for a chance to win one of the $500 gift cards to a local store of your choice!

Any questions? Want to chat about the future of Malahat?

Please contact:

Cliff Feng

Phone: (250) 929-1290 Ext. 124

Cell: (236) 238-1711