Malahat Nation’s Historical Archive

’uy’ skweyul / Í SȻÁĆEL / good day. 

The Lands department would like to share with the me’luxulh / MÁLEXEȽ community some details on the upcoming Historical Archive. This digital archive will allow the community to access information related to Malahat’s history from your own computer.

The structure for the Historical Archive is formatted similar to Wikipedia but with all Malahat related information. There will be two different levels of access to the site, one will be available to the public where non-community members can visit the site to learn more about the Nation. The second level will be password secured and protected and will include information viewable by Malahat community and staff only.

The Historical Archive will include subjects such as:

  • Language (SENĆOŦEN, hul’qumi’num, samish)
  • Recordings and documents
  • Books and reports relating to land and marine knowledge
  • Information on Malahat history

Understanding there are sacred teachings and protocols to be followed, there are ongoing discussions on what is to be included within this Historical Archive.

As this project progresses there will be more updates in the future, if you have any questions or input please contact Kate Richey in the Lands department at

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