Planning for Medicinal Garden

’uy’ skweyul / Í SȻÁĆEL / good day.

The Lands department would like to share with the me’luxulh / MÁLEXEȽ community the ongoing Traditional plant garden project that has been in the works. The goal for this project is to give our community members an opportunity to educate themselves on plants that are in the surrounding area, or were historically in the area.

In the late-fall of 2021 the Malahat Traditional Researchers began interviewing knowledge keepers from me’luxulh / MÁLEXEȽ, quw’utsun and W̱SÁNEĆ. The information being gathered is surrounding the education of harvesting, where to find plants in our territory, and the traditional and medicinal use of these plants. The Teachings being shared will be used to educate our hwulmuhw mustimuhw (First Nation people) and most importantly our youth, to pass this knowledge on to future generations.

Planting season will begin in the spring and moving forward the Lands department will provide updates on the project. The intention come summer and fall is to provide educational sessions and workshops on plant harvesting and medicine making.

If you have any knowledge you would like to share about plants, specific plants you would like to see in the garden, any plants you wish to learn more about, or any general questions or input please contact Kate Richey In the Lands department at

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