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November 2020

19/20 Audited Financial Statements

Malahat Nation’s Annual Consolidated Financial Statements are reviewed, approved, and audited before being presented before the community at the Annual General Meeting.

19/20 Annual Report

The Annual Report is intended to communicate to our community the progress towards and achievement of strategic and operational goals set out in the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is an annual document comprised of a 5 year planning period, and outlines both the short- and long-term goals set by Malahat Nation based on the needs of the community.

Financial Administration Law

In 2014 Malahat Nation implemented its Financial Administrative Law. The FAL is a set of governance and finance policies that helps Councils and staff make informed decisions. Malahat Nation lives by its FAL and is committed to good governance and financial practices. The policies and procedures set out in the FAL clarify expectations about our administrative responsibilities to Malahat Nation’s employees, members and other related persons;. A finance and Audit Committee has been established to make recommendations to Council on financial and investment decisions to promote positive financial outcomes.

March 2020

20-25 Strategic Plan

The Malahat Nation Strategic Plan beginning the start of fiscal year 2020.

December 2019

October 2019