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Malahat Ghost Gear Program

Malahat Nation is pleased to announce our part in the DFO Ghost Gear program. “Ghost” fishing gear refers to abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing debris – a leading cause of harmful impacts on fish stocks and marine mammals around the world. Over the next 3 years, Malahat will use an ROV to map ghost gear accumulation and remove ghost fishing debris from the Salish Sea, improving ocean health for all who rely on its valuable resources.

What is Economic Development?

Economic Development is the creation of wealth that allows the Nation to support its members. This is created through economic development activities – starting and operating successful, profitable businesses. The more revenue a business earns, the more wealth the Nation will have, and the revenue earned will go into further economic activity, as well as […]

Council Updates Podcast #002 – Christmas Distribution, Health Fair, Goldstream Fishing Season

Greetings and welcome to episode #2 of the Council Updates Podcast! In this episode, we speak with Chief George Harry, Councillor Cindy Harry and Councillor Gordon Harry about the Christmas Distribution. Cindy announces the upcoming health fair, George tells us about the latest fishing season at Goldstream and his plans to start a hunting group! […]

Application for Malahat Distribution

Please fill out a separate form for each individual you are applying on behalf of. Legal custody documents or current years child tax statements MUST be provided to resolve eligibility for dependants.

All information contained on this form is held securely on Malahat Nation land and is only visible to authorized Malahat personnel. This information will only be used for the purposes of Per Capita Distribution and maintaining accurate membership records.

Council Updates Podcast – First Episode, Introductions, Malahat Skywalk, Hunting & Fishing Groups

Greetings and welcome to the first episode of the Malahat Nation Chief and Council Podcast! In this episode, we speak with Chief George Harry and Councillor Cindy Harry about what they hope to acheive with this new podcast. We also cover topics covering Malahat Skywalk, Hunting & Fishing Groups, Mental Health and more! Listen to […]

The Economy Builders: Malahat Nation

The Me’ le’ xelh Mustimuhw (Malahat Nation) are building an impressive portfolio as they fulfill a community mandate of sustainable prosperity for their members.

Led by Chief George Harry, the Malahat Nation is a member government of the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council, and their ancestor tongue is the Hulquminum language. They reside on their traditional lands near Mill Bay, Goldstream and the Highlands, and recently signed an Incremental Treaty Agreement transferring the Shawnigan Lands back to their people.

20/21 Annual Report

The Annual Report is intended to communicate to our community the progress towards and achievement of strategic and operational goals set out in the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is an annual document comprised of a 5 year planning period, and outlines both the short- and long-term goals set by Malahat Nation based on the needs of the community.

Business Park Logo Contest

The Malahat Economic Development department is holding a logo contest! With the development of Malahat Innovation Park, many new Malahat businesses will be needing logos! We want to put out the call to all Indigenous artists who would like to try their hand at designing a logo. The first two logos needed are for the […]