Economic Development

The Economy Builders: Malahat Nation

The Me’ le’ xelh Mustimuhw (Malahat Nation) are building an impressive portfolio as they fulfill a community mandate of sustainable prosperity for their members.

Led by Chief George Harry, the Malahat Nation is a member government of the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council, and their ancestor tongue is the Hulquminum language. They reside on their traditional lands near Mill Bay, Goldstream and the Highlands, and recently signed an Incremental Treaty Agreement transferring the Shawnigan Lands back to their people.

Business Park Logo Contest

The Malahat Economic Development department is holding a logo contest! With the development of Malahat Innovation Park, many new Malahat businesses will be needing logos! We want to put out the call to all Indigenous artists who would like to try their hand at designing a logo. The first two logos needed are for the […]