Environmental Management Plan

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a living document that outlines current environmental issues and land management goals for Malahat Nation to protect and manage our precious environmental and cultural resources while supporting sustainable growth and economic development. By recognizing our sacred relationship with the land and its resources, and involving the community in the planning process, we can ensure that our policies reflect the growth and priorities of our Nation into the future. With various engagement opportunities such as surveys and community events, and funding to create employment opportunities for members, we invite all members of Malahat Nation to get involved and be a part of this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

What is Community Planning?

Community planning directs future community development by establishing long-term visions, goals, policies, and strategies for the community. Unlike day-to-day development planning activities which typically focus on current development proposals, community planning draws images of the future of the community and helps the community achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Community planning can influence many perspectives […]

Planning for Medicinal Garden

’uy’ skweyul / Í SȻÁĆEL / good day.
The Lands department would like to share with the me’luxulh / MÁLEXEȽ community the ongoing Traditional plant garden project that has been in the works. The goal for this project is to give our community members an opportunity to educate themselves on plants that are in the surrounding area, or were historically in the area.

Comprehensive Community Plan

The Malahat Nation updated its Comprehensive Community Plan in 2021 with the goal of making it an overarching plan that guides all of our planning and decision-making on reserve for the decades to come. The Malahat Nation CCP is an overarching plan that guides our journey to self-government. This document takes a holistic look at […]

21-26 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan represents a vision for our future development. It is based on community member and employee input and represents the goals we have set out to accomplish over the next five years. The plan is a roadmap for the future, an important tool that will guide us along our path to growth and improvement. It is not engraved in stone and, if required, may be adjusted, but it represents what we realistically hope to achieve in the coming years.

20-25 Strategic Plan

The Malahat Nation Strategic Plan beginning the start of fiscal year 2020.

19-24 Strategic Plan

The Malahat Nation Strategic Plan beginning the start of fiscal year 2019.