Commitment to Community Health

Since taking the reins of our health services in July 2018, Malahat Nation has been wholeheartedly committed to nurturing the health and wellness of our community. At the heart of Malahat Nation, our Health Department is where caring meets action.

We're here for you every weekday, from 9 AM to 4 PM, with a dedicated team to ensure you receive the best care. Guided by our dedicated Health Director, and working closely with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief & Council, we're all about bringing diverse and heart-centered health programs to our community's doorstep. It's our mission to keep our community healthy, happy, and thriving.

Our Environment team.
Our Environment team.

Our Dedicated Health Team

Our Health Centre is a home of compassionate care, staffed by dedicated professionals committed to the well-being of the Malahat Nation community. At the helm is our Health Director, ensuring smooth operations, while the Community Health Representative (CHR) leads in preventive care and children’s oral health. Our Community Nurse is a cornerstone of the team, providing essential home care, wellness checks, and health education. Mental Health Counsellors and Wellness Workers offer invaluable support for mental health and addiction, alongside our Home Support Worker who assists with daily health needs. Completing this circle of care are the Health Unit Receptionist, managing appointments and patient travel, and the Community Support Worker and Custodial Staff, who keep our facilities running safely and efficiently.

A Spectrum of Health Services

We believe in providing a comprehensive range of health services tailored to meet the unique needs of our community. Our services encompass everything from primary care and chronic disease management to specialized initiatives like the Children’s Oral Health Initiative. Our Community Nurse is at the forefront, offering home care, immunizations, and wellness checks, while also working closely with doctors to manage chronic illnesses.

Mental health is a priority too, with our counselors providing individual, group, and family support, as well as vital drug and alcohol counseling. For our elders and those needing extra support, we offer personalized home care services. Additionally, our Health Centre connects you to essential services like patient travel, ensuring everyone has access to the care they need. All these services are woven together with the threads of our culture, ensuring they are not only effective but resonate with the values and traditions of Malahat Nation.

Our Environment team.
Our Environment team.

Healthy Priorities

Malahat Nation shares many common health challenges, including managing diabetes, substance misuse, and ensuring mental well-being. In response, we have identified four priority health needs: integrating traditional cultural practices in all services, drug and alcohol recovery support, youth mental health care, and programs supporting healthy families. Our approach is holistic, taking into account the cultural and traditional values of our community.

Stay Connected and Involved

Engagement with the community is key to our success. We encourage feedback and suggestions to improve our services. For appointments, inquiries, or to share your thoughts, please contact our Health Unit Receptionist. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters for updates on health programs, workshops, and events designed to enhance the well-being of Malahat Nation.

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Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm PST


Our Environment team.