An early artist's rendering of the Malahat Multi-purpose centre.

Building a Sustainable Community Together

Malahat Nation is dedicated to building a sustainable future for its community through comprehensive community planning. By establishing long-term visions, goals, policies, and strategies, the Nation is working to address a wide range of issues that are important to its residents, including housing, economic development, environmental protection, parks and trails, public transportation, cultural continuity, community safety and more.

Comprehensive Community Plan

Malahat Nation is proud to present an updated, community-driven Comprehensive Community Plan that guides the community's journey towards self-government and a sustainable future. It identifies key values, objectives, and action ideas that align with the community's vision and priorities. Seven core values were identified from community input. This plan positions Malahat Nation as a leader in community planning and decision-making, working towards a better future for all its residents.

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A drone overview of the upper community. Residences along the top and right edge, office buildings on the bottom.
Our Environment team.

Land Use Plan

Malahat Nation's Land Use Plan is a visionary document that guides the community's journey towards sustainable development on Nation Land (Malahat IR#11). This plan safeguards the community's interests, while identifying current and future development areas, and acting as a filter for development proposals. The plan is an essential tool for community members, council, staff, neighboring governments and potential development partners to ensure that Malahat Nation's vision, values and guiding principles are upheld in future planning, protection and development decisions.

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Environmental Management Plan

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a living document that outlines current environmental issues and land management goals for Malahat Nation to protect and manage our precious environmental and cultural resources while supporting sustainable growth and economic development. By recognizing our sacred relationship with the land and its resources, and involving the community in the planning process, we can ensure that our policies reflect the growth and priorities of our Nation into the future. With various engagement opportunities such as surveys and community events, and funding to create employment opportunities for members, we invite all members of Malahat Nation to get involved and be a part of this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

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A drone overview of the southern reserve area.