Stewarding our Traditional Lands

Malahat Nation is committed to ensuring that the community's interests and concerns are at the forefront of our land management efforts. Through strategic planning and the implementation of the Land Code, the Nation is asserting its self-governance authority over reserve lands and prioritizing community initiatives. The Nation's Lands Department has structured their focus into four key service areas.

Land Code
Our Environment team.
Our Environment team.

Land Management

The Lands Department is taking a proactive approach to land management, guided by the community's vision when undertaking future planning, protection, and development decisions. Malahat is forging strategic partnerships with industry and government to ensure that the community's interests are represented in all land-related decisions. Additionally, the department places great importance on preserving the cultural and archaeological significance of the land, positioning it as a responsible and reliable partner in any land-based projects or policies.

Land management initiatives are guided by the Malahat Nation Land Use Plan, which is the community driven “road map” that describes the community's desired direction for growth and development, "recognizing the past - moving towards a better future".

Land Use Plan

Environmental Stewardship & Natural Resource Management

We are committed to preserving the natural resources of Malahat land, taking a proactive approach by completing an Environmental Management Plan, and moving forward to draft an Implementation Plan. This plan will focus on a comprehensive bio inventory, including studying the habitat of different species, culturally significant plants, culturally modified trees and identifying invasive species. The goal is to have a better understanding of the natural resources on the reserve and to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to protect them.

Environmental Management Plan
Our Environment team.
Our Environment team.

Right & Title Advocacy

The Malahat Lands team advocates for Malahat’s Rights and Title by engaging in industry and government projects and policies within Malahat’s territory. Through participation in working groups, conferences, and engagement sessions the Lands referrals staff provides input that reflects Malahat’s priorities. The Lands staff participates in treaty working groups to ensure land-related matters are considered and has submitted numerous specific claims.

Referrals support the acknowledgement of Malahat's Interests, Rights and Title and are a meaningful engagement step for projects occurring within Malahat's unceded territory. Comprehensive referral packages included spatial data and supporting documentation and reporting should be provided to Malahat Nation at the earliest stage possible in your project planning process. To submit a referrals package, please email referrals@malahatnation.com

Updated Referrals Policy in development, please check back soon.

Cultural & Heritage Preservation

The Lands Department supports cultural heritage protection and stewardship within Malahat’s territory, through training and supporting community cultural representatives who work with industry and government to insure Malahat’s protocols and values are upheld. Through land based cultural events the Lands Department supports knowledge transfer, one example of this is the Malahat Nation Medicine Plant Garden, a place for community members to gather, spend time on the land, and learn together.

To ensure Malahat's cultural spaces and materials are honoured and protocols upheld throughout the territory, Malahat Nation has trained Cultural Monitors who can provide observation and protocol monitoring during archaeology, forestry, resource, and construction projects. To organize to have a Malahat Nation Cultural monitor participate in your project please contact referrals@malahatnation.com

Cultural Heritage Policy in development, please check back soon.

Our Environment team.
Our Environment team.

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