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The Community Programs Department is committed to providing comprehensive support to our members by offering a diverse array of programs and services. Our most significant areas of focus include Income Assistance, Indian Registration Administration (IRA), and Funeral Supports. We strive to provide personalized, efficient, and effective support to our members, working closely with them to understand their unique needs and challenges. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to ensuring that our members have the resources and support they need to thrive.

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See income assistance distribution dates for the year 2024.


Income Assistance provides financial support and services to adults and their families, when you are in need and have no other resources. It is meant as a last resort and to assist you while transitioning to work.

You may be able to receive hardship assistance, depending on your circumstances. Need is determined by your application and other eligibility requirements.

Malahat Band Social Development administers Income Assistance according to the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Social Development Policy & Procedures Manual.


To apply for income assistance on Reserve:

  • You must live on the Malahat Nation Reservation in order to apply through Malahat Nation.
  • You are required to complete and submit a work search lasting 3 weeks.
  • You may be eligible for Income Assistance if you are out of work or are not earning enough to meet your basic needs.
  • You are waiting for other sources of money to arrive such as Employment Insurance or WCB.
  • You cannot work at all.
  • It is your responsibility to disclose and provide the information required under the ISC Social Development Policy and Procedures.
  • Any changes to your circumstances and or your family unit is required to be reported.

Exceptions may apply for persons with disabilities.

Please contact Judith St. Denis at judith.stdenis@malahatnation.com or call 250-743-3231 to set up an appointment if you need to apply and or need further information.

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