Job Board

Job Opening – Sustainable Development Analyst

Under the supervision of the Executive Director of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Analyst (SDA) will collaborate with the Malahat Nation Government and Malahat Nation businesses, to help develop an economic development strategy. This work will include planning to attract new businesses to Malahat Nation, and foster the growth of existing businesses located on Malahat Nation Lands. This role will also include participation in existing development projects including Malahat Skywalk, Malahat Film Studios, Malahat Business Park and other development initiatives.

Job Opening – Assistant Gardener

Reporting to Community Support Coordinator, the Assistant Gardener will take immediate direction from Malahat Nation’s Head Gardener to assist in preparing, maintaining, cultivating, harvesting and distributing fresh produce from Malahat Nations gardens to Malahat Nation members, programs, events and the Malahat Community Market. The Assistant Gardener will also assist in planning, creating and maintaining garden structures, such as but not limited to trellises, compost bins and water preservation systems. This is a short-term position ending in mid-October.

Job Opening – Salish Sea Initiative Program Lead

Under the supervision of the Manager of Environmental Projects, and in collaboration with other members of the Malahat Environment team, the successful applicant will assist the development of the Salish Sea Initiative Program (SSI) in partnership with the government of Canada. With increasing recreational, commercial and industrial activity in the Salish Sea, Malahat Nation is prioritizing protection of the important cultural and environmental resources that are a part of Malahat Nation’s territory. The successful applicant will be responsible for helping develop the SSI program to best suit the unique needs of Canada’s First Nations and better understand the activities occurring on the Salish Sea. This is a 40-hours per week fulltime permanent position.

Job Opening – Summer School Teacher

Reporting to the Director of Community Programs, the Summer School Teacher will work with children and youth aged 5-18 years of age. This position is intended to assist students to build their skills in reading, writing and math. Support will be provided to children in small working groups based on their grade levels. Advanced planning and preparation time will be provided. This is a short-term position for the period of July to August 2022.

Job Opening – Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Program Assistant

Reporting to the Director of Community Programs, the Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Program Assistant will assist and support the Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Instructor to teach a core group of students in learning the foundational skills to revitalize language in the community.

Job Opening – Director of Lands

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Director of Lands will oversee the management of Malahat Nation IR 11 lands pursuant to the Malahat Nation Land Code and other relevant internal and external legislation, enabling the development of Malahat IR 11 lands in a manner that reflects the values of Malahat Nation membership, promotes community wellbeing, and protects the long-term health of the environment. The Director of Lands will supervise a small team of Lands Department staff to support their respective projects, professional growth, and progress towards meeting departmental objectives. This is a full time permanent position located in Mill Bay, BC with local to moderate travel required.

Job Opening – Education Liaison

Reporting to the Director of Community Programs, the Malahat Nation Education Liaison will provide support and advocacy for parent and students of Malahat Nation in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The main purpose of this role is to help students succeed as their advocate by developing and maintain relationships with students, parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and community agencies.

Job Opening – Communications Trainee

Under the supervision of the Technology and Communications Coordinator, the Communications Trainee will assist in the daily operations of the Communications Department. The communications trainee will play a key role in supporting the delivery of the communications activities of Malahat Nation working collaboratively to bridge the gap between the Malahat Nation community and the administration. The successful incumbent will support the communications team to deliver activities across digital and social media, member communications and events.

Job Opening – Hul’q’umi’num Language Teacher

Reporting to the Director of Community Programs and with the help of a language assistant, the Hul’q’umi’num Language Teacher will support a core group of Hul’q’umi’num students in learning the foundational skills to revitalize language in the community. This is a one-year term position.